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Asian Paints Along with St+art India Foundation Infuse Touch into ‘Art’ via Project Sparsh at Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh School, Jaipur

Friday, Jan 12, 2024 10:30:26 | Inspiring and enriching young minds with the transformative power of tactile artwork there by making ‘Art’ accessible to all

Mumbai | Jaipur, India (NewsVoir)    

Visually impaired students of RNKS School, Jaipur experience tactile art through Project Sparsh, an initiative by Asian Paints and St+art India Foundation

Art connects people through thoughts & feelings you cannot express. While a majority of art is visually captivating, pieces that bring the beauty and joy of art to people who are not able to experience it visually, are rare. This very concept of tangible art gave rise to Project Sparsh, an initiative launched by Asian Paints and St+art. Sparsh aims to bring the magic of art to visually impaired children, letting them experience it from an entirely new perspective.

Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh is a school in Jaipur that has been transforming the lives of visually impaired students for more than five decades. Asian Paints along with the St+art India Foundation added an artistic touch to the school by creating “tactile murals”. This sensation of tactility is achieved through the Royale Play range of textured paints from Asian Paints, which turns simple surfaces into tactile language that the students can touch and feel.

The initiative focuses on touching these children’s lives in a meaningful way at their school, which is like a second home to many of them. Through Sparsh, the goal is to broaden their young minds to new ways of experiencing art while sharing their pride in the vibrant and cultural heritage of Rajasthan on which the designs of the murals are based.

Outdoor Art

To make the outdoor mural a truly unique experience, they have combined a textile working technique exclusive to Rajasthan, Bandhej, together with Braille to reinforce their mission of “Art For All”. The goal of this mural is to bring together seemingly contrasting elements – Bandhej and Braille, and vision and touch, all of which make this a tangible and powerful statement of ‘inclusivity’. These murals, crafted in the style of Rajasthani artisans, allows the students to experience a sense of joy and belonging.

Indoor Art

While art cannot be seen by all, it certainly can be felt by all. Hence, Asian Paints along with St+art India made a first of its kind “Art Museum” for these kids with varied degrees of visual impairment. The interior mural serves as an inspiration for these students whereby they are able to experience the ‘Art & Culture’ of Rajasthan via this tactile mural integrated with braille for their understanding. Watch stories come alive through Kathputli, experience the vibrant hues of classic Blue Pottery and Phad Paintings, and marvel at the detail of textiles featuring Bandhej and Bagru Block Prints. The indoor exhibition is a true feast for all your senses.

Art Workshop

The workshop displays artworks created by the students during the Sparsh initiative through the Access for All program. It showcases the innate ability of every child to find happiness by providing them the tools and opportunities to express themselves. A whirlwind of textured paints, creativity and inspiration come together to create truly unique and memorable experiences that people should partake in.

Speaking about Sparsh, Mr. Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, Asian Paints Ltd., says, “As we continue our long-standing partnership with St+art India Foundation, we are delighted to be a part of the Sparsh initiative at the Rajasthan Netraheen Kalyan Sangh in Jaipur. At Asian Paints, we leverage art and creativity to foster inclusivity among people. Sparsh is a representation of our values of empathy and the spirit of creativity. This initiative aims to bring joy and inspiration to visually impaired students through touch and feel. We redefined art and added another dimension to it with textured paints to create murals through tactile art. These murals narrate captivating stories, from the rich heritage of Rajasthan to the indomitable spirit of Helen Keller and are accessible to all, especially people who perceive the world differently from us. Together with St+art India Foundation, the Sparsh initiative stands as a testament to our commitment to #ArtForAll.”

Giulia Ambrogi, Curator & Co-founder of St+art India Foundation, expresses, “Sparsh, in collaboration with Asian Paints, embodies our commitment to ‘Art for All.’ Defying traditional artwork with ‘Do Not Touch’ restrictions, Sparsh introduces tactile dimensions, encouraging audiences to engage directly with the artworks. Through carefully curated workshops, tactile murals, and a unique indoor tactile museum, Sparsh actively breaks down barriers, making art accessible and enjoyable for the visually impaired. It reaffirms our belief that art should be a universal language, speaking to each individual’s senses and experiences. Sparsh truly creates an inclusive and shared human experience.”

Presenting Project Sparsh | An initiative by Asian Paints and St+art India | World Braille Day