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BBMP engineers get trained on making Bengaluru a walkable city

Bengaluru, 24 February, 2024

Bengaluru’s first-ever technical training aimed at making Bengaluru’s streets walkable and safe, was held for 34 engineers from Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike  (BBMP) was held recently in Bengaluru. The training was an extension of the Namma Raste programme in which  BBMP is receiving technical support from WRI India under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS). The programme aims to facilitate discussions towards making Bengaluru’s streets and public spaces safer, inclusive, accessible and resilient.
The workshop was delivered by global experts from WRI India.

The training began with focusing on four core systems of road project work and challenges faced by engineers in BBMP. WRI India shared global best practices that have enabled many cities worldwide to quickly deliver effective road projects and can be tailor-made to implement in Bengaluru. Engineers were trained on identifying projects focused on human-centric aspects that improve urban mobility and safety of all road users, effective and efficient ways of identifying projects, to create better Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that would result in good quality Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) and a platform for exchange of information and ideas among engineering teams.

B S Prahallad, Engineer-in-Chief at BBMP said, “We should work towards making Bengaluru a walkable city. The workshop was a great opportunity for our engineers to understand the global best practices that should be followed to improve road project planning, management and evaluation processes. By adopting the solutions that the engineers arrived at
during this workshop, they are empowered to carry out projects more effectively and efficiently. As a result, BBMP will deliver quality projects on time to the citizens.”

Dhawal Ashar, Head, Integrated Transport, WRI India, said “Over the next few years, Bengaluru will see an unprecedented rise in public transport capacity. To realise the full potential of this capacity, it is critical to build streets that are safe, inclusive and resilient for everyone. This workshop builds on the Namma Raste exhibition and convening and aims to be a step towards making a safe and walkable Bengaluru.”

This workshop is the first in the series of training and workshops planned under the aegis of  Namma Raste 2.0 focusing on technical knowledge to make roads safer, inclusive and resilient. WRI will share recommendations with BBMP on solutions that emerged from its engineers on better road project management soon.

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