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Children’s Furniture Brand Smartsters Launches its First Brick and Mortar – a Store-in-store at the Iconic Crossword Bookstore

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Smartsters brings a child-like curiosity to Crosswords! Get ready, parents and children alike, for Smartsters’ first Shop-in-Shop experience at Crossword’s flagship store!

Smartster’s brand launched its kid’s furniture in crossword 

Introducing Smartsters – A Wonderland of Imagination in the Heart of Mumbai! The enchanting world of children’s literature is about to get even more magical as Kemps’ Corner Crossword proudly announces the grand opening of “Smartsters” a dedicated kids’ furniture store, nestled within the hallowed aisles of the iconic bookstore.

Smartster’s brand launched its kid’s furniture in crossword 

Smartsters’ Bikram Mittra, Head of Design, expressed his enthusiasm for the venture, stating, “We believe that the joy of reading should extend beyond the pages of a book. Smartsters is designed thoughtfully where children’s dreams come to life in the form of beautiful and imaginative furniture. We are excited to provide families with a unique shopping experience that combines literature and comfort.”

Smartsters is a whimsical and imaginative space where creativity knows no bounds. It is designed to inspire and enchant children and parents alike, offering an exciting assortment of furniture and accessories specially crafted to enhance every child’s reading and playtime experience. As Crossword continues to foster the love of literature in the hearts of young readers, Smartsters complements this mission by creating an environment that encourages kids to dream, explore, and embark on countless adventures through books.

Crossword Bookstores is thrilled to announce the opening of a new wing dedicated to cosy and comfortable furnishings for kids with Smartsters. This association aims at providing our customers with a diverse and enriching shopping experience for their little ones.

We are delighted to embark on this exciting venture with Smartsters,” says Nidhi Gupta, Executive Director of Crossword Bookstores. “This collaboration not only diversifies our product range but also aligns with our mission to create a welcoming space where creativity, interaction and exploration converge.”

Highlights of Smartsters include:

Enchanting Furniture: A range of enchanting furniture pieces, including storage shelves, designed to spark imagination in a kid, a joyous adventure. These pieces are designed specifically keeping children in mind, so they are playful, fun, and perfect for growing kids.

Expert Guidance: Friendly and knowledgeable inhouse designers to assist parents in selecting the perfect pieces to create an inspiring and safe space for their little ones.

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