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New Coffee Champion Crowned at TWC National Barista Championship in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, August, 2023:Photos By P.K.Ananth Kumar

The exhilarating Third Wave Coffee National Barista Championship recently brewed up a storm at Bengaluru’s Royal Orchid early this month, leaving the crowd buzzing and the espresso machines whirling with excitement.

Picture this: espresso machines whirling, the crowd buzzing with anticipation. The competition was fierce, but only one barista emerged triumphant, winning not just the champion’s title but also an incredible three-day journey to Italy, courtesy of Three One Coffee Engineering.

This once-in-a-lifetime adventure includes an immersive visit to the La Marzocco Academia, engaging espresso tasting sessions, and tours of the Accademia Del Caffe Espresso and Fiorenzato factory in Venice.

The crack of dawn marked the start of the competition, as the venue transformed into a caffeinated wonderland. The baristas showcased their skills, presenting a total of 12 mesmerizing creations to a panel of judges within a tight 15-minute time limit.

After much deliberation, Oviya from TWC South Bangalore was crowned the champion, with Viraj and Anam Shaikh from TWC West Mumbai securing the first and second runner-up positions, respectively. Oviya also earned the ‘Best Signature Beverage’ Award, adding an extra touch of magic to her coffee journey.

“This win fuels my passion to push the boundaries of coffee artistry,” said Oviya. “I’m thrilled to immerse myself in Italy’s coffee culture and deliver exceptional experiences to coffee lovers worldwide.”

Three One Coffee Engineering proudly sponsored the event, celebrating the dedication to quality, innovation in the coffee movement. They empower baristas to create exceptional brews and redefine the coffee experience, “we are delighted to partner with Third Wave Coffee in their mission to elevate the art of brewing and deliver unforgettable coffee moments”, Mr. Sanjay Jojodia, Founder and CEO at Three One Coffee Engineering

Ms. Teena Khanna, Director-Learning and Development at Third Wave Coffee, expressed her pride in the talented baristas and their outstanding performances, hoping to inspire a love for specialty coffee and ignite thrilling journeys within the ever-evolving coffee industry.