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Kannada nameplate must be used compulsorily in nameplates of industries: Chief Commissioner.

30 JAN 2024 1:18PM

Proper development of roads in industrial areas.

  • There is a lack of inter-departmental co-ordination, which needs to be addressed.
  • Pedestrian encroachment should be prevented near KR market.
  • Proper maintenance of street lights in industrial areas.
  • Alleviating the traffic congestion problem near Sarakki Metro Station.
  • Felling of endangered tree branches.
  • Proper issuance of business license.


Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath told the representatives of industrial and commercial associations that 60% Kannada should be implemented in the nameplates of commercial shops and industries under BBMP, and everyone should implement it.

Addressing a meeting organized by the Karnataka Federation of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) with representatives of industrial and commercial associations on Bangalore development and civic issues, he said that in all the commercial outlets of the city Regarding mandatory installation of Kannada nameplates, shops in arterial, sub-arterial and 40 feet roads in wards have already been surveyed and given a letter of understanding and instructions have been given to change the nameplates. Accordingly, the nameplates of the stores already have Kannada languageHe said that the installation work is actively going on across the city and appropriate steps are being taken to install Kannada nameplates in all shops by February 28.

A lot of industries will come up in the city and all the industries will follow the rules without fail. 60% Kannada language nameplates should be adopted. They have given time till February 28, by which time they requested everyone to adopt Kannada language nameplates.

Property tax collection is the main source of revenue:

Property tax collection is the most important source of income for the corporation, which needs to be implemented effectively and more tax collected. In this regard, he said that for those who have not paid property tax in the corporation, demand notice is being given to those who have not declared properly in the self-property tax system and tax collection is being done by sending messages to mobile phones.

1 crore per ward. Reserve:

Shelter and truck are being arranged for all the wards of the city. 1 crore for each ward in this regard. 30 lakh has been earmarked. 30 lakhs for Shilt and Truck. 40 lakhs for the cleaning of large water channels, 40 lakhs for footpaths. He said it will be given.

Priority for development of roads:

He said that other roads including Peenya Industrial Area, SP Road, Mamul Pete, Taragupete, Sultan Pete in the city center will be developed on priority.

Help 2.0 working properly:

Earlier, the BBMP’s help desk for receiving complaints was not working properly. Now the complaints received in Sahaya 2.0 are being resolved in a timely and expeditious manner. He said that the problems are being sorted out by division wise and the complaints are forwarded to the concerned authorities.

He said that he has given reports about several problems including road development, street light maintenance, solid waste management in the industrial area, appropriate steps will be taken and work will be done to solve them.

Ramesh Chandra Lahoti, President of the Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that a lot of tax is being paid to the BBMP from the industrial areas in the city. However, the development work is not happening at our expected level. In this regard, he requested us to take necessary steps to resolve our problems.

Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry Senior Vice President MG Balakrishna, Vice President Uma Reddy, Civic Affairs Committee Chairman Sai Ram Prasad and others were present.