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Gem Opencube Technologies Unveils World’s First WTC Machine in Karnataka

Planning to place WTC machines all parts of Karnataka by next year

Bangalore: Gem Opencube Technologies, a pioneer in innovative vending solutions, launched the world’s first WTC Machine also called as Digital Chai ATM in the state of Karnataka. The inauguration ceremony held at The Capitol Hotel, Raj Bhavan Road, Bangalore on 23rd February, 2024.

The WTC Machine was launched by Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil, Honorable Minister of Medical Education and Skill Development, Government of Karnataka, Mr. Sharath Bache Gowda, Member of Legislative Assembly alongside Mr. P. Vinod Kumar, CEO and Founder of Gem Opencube Technologies and Mr. E. Venkatesh Yadav, MD of Gem Opencube Technologies also were present at the laucnhing ceremony.

Gem Opencube Technologies has garnered acclaim for its groundbreaking innovations, including India’s first Gold ATM machine and Anytime Clinic. The introduction of the world’s first WTC Machine further solidifies the company’s commitment to revolutionizing convenience and accessibility in the automation industry.

On this occasion Dr. Sharan Prakash Patil lauded the historic launch of the world’s first WTC Machine in Karnataka, urging the state’s youth to embrace technological advancements for career growth. He hailed the machine as the future of the tea industry, symbolizing progress and innovation.

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Gem Opencube Technologies mentioned the mile stones of launching the India’s 1st Gold ATM which made them very popular and well known startup in the market and expressed Gem Opencube is the only company in the country to export GOLD atms to other countries. After the launch of WTC machines in Telugu states he got huge orders from all over and also dealing with APSRTC,TSRTC and Hyderabad metro to place the WTC machines at every bus stations and metro stations in 2 Telugu states. He also said that WTC machines have reached every corner in the state every city has the WTC machines now and he said in near future we will place WTC machines all over the state of Karnataka and we already have orders and huge enquires for distribution from many districts of Karnataka, he added.

WTC machine is not just worlds 1st machine but in fact it is the most affordable machine in the industry and the cost of the machine is much lower than the cost of the double door refrigerator of this capacity. The current customers of WTC machines are making a decent average income of RS 2000 per day and it has become their livelihood.

The WTC Machine stands as a testament to ingenuity, boasting patents from China, Germany, and India, as well as CE certification. Leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML technologies, coupled with seamless UPI transactions, the machine offers a diverse range of beverages including tea, coffee, lemon tea, Badam milk, along with accompanying snacks and water bottles.

Often referred to as the “Digital Chai ATM,” the WTC Machine represents a paradigm shift in traditional tea vending, eliminating the need for a dedicated tea master. With successful market penetration in Telugu states, Gem Opencube Technologies now extends its footprint to Karnataka, promising unparalleled convenience and quality to consumers across the region.

Vinod Kumar, CEO of Gem Opencube Technologies, expressed confidence in the Karnataka market, attributing his roots in the state for his optimism. He emphasized the WTC Machine’s potential to empower unemployed youth and reshape the tea industry landscape, citing success stories from Telugu states where government initiatives facilitated entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency.

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