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Platform 65’s Spectacular Lucky Draw Contest: A Carnival of Surprises

Bangalore, 21 February 2024 – Platform 65, India’s largest train-themed restaurant is thrilled to announce its special Lucky Draw contest from January 20th to February 29th. On the last day of the contest, 150 participants will be declared as lucky winners with exciting gifts like a Microwave Oven, Mixer Grinder, Electric Cooker, and Electric Kettle creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Platform 65, India’s largest toy train-themed restaurant, is set to bring amazing surprises to its customers with this engaging contest.

The contest will be conducted in all branches of Platform 65, ensuring widespread participation and making it a celebration that goes beyond geographical boundaries. With a duration spanning over a month, the contest provides plenty of time for individuals to participate and enjoy the excitement.

Sadgun Patha, Managing Director & Founder, Platform 65 shared that, “Embarking on this exhilarating journey with Platform 65, we’re not just hosting a contest; we’re crafting an experience. Join us as we unveil surprises that transcend the ordinary, promising joy and connection. In this contest, we celebrate inclusivity, making every participant a part of our vibrant story. Anticipate not just prizes, but a unique and thrilling adventure at Platform 65. Here’s to creating history and shared moments of delight!”

Srikanth Bandaru, Corporate General Manager at Platform 65, expressed, “Embark on an adventure with Platform 65! Our special Lucky Draw Contest is more than just prizes; it’s an invitation to experience the extraordinary. Brace yourselves for surprises that will elevate your dining moments to new heights. We welcome all our patrons to be a part of this excitement!”

Venkatesh Gopisetty, Vice President of Platform 65 said “At Platform 65 Restaurant, we believe in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, and our Lucky Draw Contest is the perfect opportunity for everyone to experience the magic of chance and celebration”.

Platform 65 Restaurant is India’s largest toy train-themed restaurant, offering a unique dining experience with a delightful toy train running through the restaurant. With 11 branches in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Platform 65 is committed to creating memorable moments for its patrons, combining good food with a playful atmosphere.