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Marble Centre International showcases a luminescence play with Onyx at DesignUru 2024

Bangalore, January 2024

DesignUru 4.0, Bengaluru’s festival of art and design hosted by the Indian Institute of Interior Design, Bangalore chapter returns to celebrate design and creativity with well-known architects and designers across cultural and commercial platforms. In this year’s edition, there are unique and fascinating exhibitions and installations by designers in collaboration with brands from all over the country. DesignUru is a collaborative initiative to build Bangalore as a global capital for design. This weeklong fest is starting today and will continue till the 25th at Rangoli, MG Road, Bangalore.

As one of the main partners, Marble Centre International (MCI), India’s premier importer and retailer of luxury marble and natural stones, is showcasing a creative installation made out of Onyx which features a mesmerizing play of light which has been named “LUCENT”.

In its role as a committed partner to the community of architects and designers, MCI looks for opportunities to collaborate with talented designers and creative individuals to explore ideas that push the boundaries of material and design. LUCENT, the compelling Onyx stone installation pays homage to the rich historicity and timeless beauty of marble in a form that defies imagination. The installation demonstrates how a captivating play of light showcases the interplay between nature and technology that infuses life in a stone. The different hues of light in the monolith create a serene fluid dance that can be mesmerizing and stunning.

For LUCENT, MCI has collaborated with Smaran Mallesh, Narendra Pirgal and Vikram Rajashekar at Cadence Architects along with Debanshu Bhaumik & Gaurav Patekar from 13°77° studio. As with previous years, the DesignUru 2024 festival provides a unique opportunity for MCI to showcase its commitment to artistic expression and the transformative use of marble in architectural and design landscapes.

‘After our success in the previous DesignUru edition, we are excited about this year’s installation. The concept behind this year’s installation is to showcase the interplay between light, the structural component and the unique translucence and luminosity, characteristic of the Onyx stone. At DesignUru, every year we are delighted to engage with the best talents and unique experiences through creative installations. This platform has consistently been a great opportunity for us to showcase the artistry and craftsmanship in design.’- said Mr. Rahul Maheshwari- Director, of Marble Centre International.

‘DesignUru always encouraged us to do something new in collaboration with architects that we had yet to see or experience before. As with last year’s DesignUru, the attempt is to offer yet another fresh perspective on marble. LUCENT captures the unique characteristics of Onyx that allow for extraordinary magical transformations, beyond the conventional or the imaginable.” said Mr. Gaurav Maheshwari, Director at Marble Centre International.