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LuLu Mall Launches 3 initiatives including Insta Bin, 1000 Trees Project & The Wall of Fame in association with Green Mic

June 06, 2024 09:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time-Bengaluru:

LuLu Mall Bengaluru, a premier shopping destination in the heart of the city, is thrilled to announce its commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation on World Environment Day 2024. As a forward-thinking institution, the mall is proud to launch a trifecta of innovative initiatives that will pave the way for a greener, more eco-conscious future.

First and foremost, the mall is introducing Instabin, an advanced waste management system that utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the recycling process. Bengaluru produces 4500 metric tonnes of waste of which 20% is plastic. Although Plastic waste is a menace, but it’s a material that is most useful to us. Plastic reduction and recycling can be a game changer. Through strategically placed smart bins equipped with sensors and AI-powered analytics, Instabin will make it effortless for shoppers to sort and dispose of their waste, ensuring that valuable resources are diverted from landfills and properly recycled. This revolutionary system not only promotes environmental responsibility but also educates and empowers the community to adopt sustainable habits. Customers can also earn vouchers by depositing plastic bottles in the insta bin

Instabin is an innovation by Instagood Technologies that is focused on leveraging their unique vending technology to do good for the planet and people.

Along with this, the LuLu Happiness 1000 Trees Project, an ambitious initiative that aims to plant 1,000 trees, in the names of individuals or their loved one. Who is participating in the program. Anyone who is visiting the mall can participate in the 1000 trees project. This project is implemented by the support of Sankalpataru an NGO enabling the tree plantation. LuLu Mall Bengaluru is aiming for improved air quality, reduced carbon footprint, and the preservation of local biodiversity. This project aligns with the mall’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and liveable environment to the future.

LuLu mall also unveilled the Wall of Fame, a dedicated space that will showcase the inspiring stories and achievements of individuals, organizations, and community groups who have made significant contributions to environmental conservation and sustainability. By shining a spotlight on these eco-champions, LuLu Mall hopes to inspire and motivate others to join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Mr. Shereef K.K, Regional Director, LuLu Karnataka. Mr. Jamal KP, Regional Manager, LuLu Karnataka, Mr. Kiran V Puthran, General Manager, LuLu Mall Bengaluru. Mr. Akash Krishnan, DGM, LuLu Mall Bengaluru, Ms Akshatha Bhadranna, Founder, Green Mic and team LuLu Bengaluru lead the program.

LuLu Mall Bengaluru staying true to its commitment to sustainability is taking revolutionary steps towards creating awareness and playing a pivotal role on the need for plastic waste recycling through Instabin. Additionally we not only want to promote cleaning our country but also making it green through our 1000 Trees Project. ”, said Mr. Kiran V Puthran, General Manager, LuLu Mall, Bengaluru.

LuLu Mall Bengaluru launches these activities in association with GreenMic which is a socio-environmental agency working on climate action projects with individuals, organizations and NGOs, to create awareness and empower social and environmental change for good.

Through these three groundbreaking initiatives, LuLu Mall Bengaluru is leading the charge in the pursuit of environmental stewardship, setting a remarkable example for other businesses and institutions to follow. This World Environment Day 2024, the mall’s unwavering dedication to sustainability and its innovative approach to creating a cleaner, healthier planet are truly commendable.