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IKEA unveils bridge connecting Nagasandra metro station to its store

IKEA Nagasandra inaugurates the new foot-over bridge, to enhance customer convenience and accessibility by connecting the store directly with the Nagasandra metro station

Bengaluru, 18th October 2023: — IKEA Nagasandra, today inaugurated a new foot-over bridge at the Nagasandra Metro entrance that directly connects to the store. The construction of the IKEA Nagasandra Bridge commenced in April 2023 and was completed in six months, with the bridge now being fully operational. The foot-over bridge will ensure safety and ease of use for all customers who will be visiting IKEA Nagasandra.

About one-third of visitors to IKEA Nagasandra commute by metro and the foot-over bridge will ease the commute between the Nagasandra Metro station and the IKEA store. It will facilitate easy access for shoppers and visitors, ensuring a comfortable shopping journey with IKEA. The bridge will also provide an easier transportation option during peak traffic hours and unsuitable weather conditions.

Ms. Anje Heim, Market Manager of IKEA Nagasandra, speaking at the launch, said, “The foot over bridge is a significant addition to IKEA Nagasandra, enhancing accessibility, safety and convenience for the customers and our coworkers. This bridge will encourage more customers to travel by metro and enjoy a more convenient route to the store, avoiding the previously longer commute. IKEA remains invested in initiatives that add to our vision of creating a better everyday life for the many people.

To commemorate the milestone, IKEA India hosted a special event that saw the presence of Mr. Shankar, Executive Director, Operations and Maintenance, BMRCL, and Ms. Anje Heim, Market Manager, IKEA Nagasandra.

Mr.A.S. Shankar, Executive Director, Operations and Maintenance, BMRCL said, “In line with Namma Metro’s commitment to provide good transportation, accessibility, and enhance citizens’ lives in Bengaluru, we are proud to announce the opening of a direct connecting bridge from Nagasandra metro station to IKEA Nagasandra store. This connecting bridge has been constructed by IKEA for the convenience of the public. It marks the second directly connecting bridge from a metro station to a retail space on the Namma metro network.”

With the new and ongoing metro routes, visitors from Whitefield and South of Bangalore can have easier access to IKEA Nagasandra directly from the metro station.