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Adarsh Group Unveils ‘Brand Film’ to Celebrate 35 Years of Excellence in Shaping Bangalore’s Skyline

Bangalore, Wednesday, October 04th, 2023:

Adarsh Group, a prominent name in Bangalore’s real estate landscape celebrating its 35th anniversary this year, is thrilled to announced  the premiere launch of its brand film on 04th October 2023 at PVR Directors Cut, Brigade Road, Bengaluru. The brand film, “35 Years of Creating Memories,” beautifully captures the essence of Adarsh Group’s journey and showcases the group’s core values of integrity, excellence, and customer-centricity.

The film is a testament to the group’s legacy and its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional homes for over three decades. The launch event was graced by a renowned Indian film and television actor, recognized for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, Mr. Shishir Sharma, who also played the lead in the brand film.

The event witnessed the entire leadership team of Adarsh Group- Mr. BM Jayeshankar, Chairman & Managing Director, Adarsh Group of Companies,Mr. Nischay Jayeshankar and Ms. Nidhi Jayashankar, Directors of Adarsh Group along with their big family of business partners, associates from all over India.

This celebration is meant to mark the brand’s appreciation for the efficient and gracious support that the entire team has rendered over the years, to make Adarsh Group a prominent name in the industry. “I
am truly honoured to have played a role in ’35 Years of Creating Memories’ and to be a part of Adarsh Group’s celebration of its 35th anniversary. Adarsh Group’s commitment to excellence in the real
estate sector is truly commendable, and I’m delighted to have witnessed their journey firsthand.” shares Mr. Shishir Sharma.

Mr. BM Jayeshankar, Chairman & Managing Director, Adarsh Group of Companies shared his insight and experience about this journey of 35 years, in his words “Our enduring success is a testament to the trust
our team members and cherished customers have vested in us throughout this remarkable journey. Our success comes from the continuous faith in the excellence of our projects, and this is something we will
remain committed to in the future as well.” He further added, “We take immense pride in bringing happiness to over 10,000 delighted customers who have discovered their dream homes with us. Our legacy is also defined by the successful completion of 23+ iconic projects that have redefined urban living, and the development of over 19 million square feet of meticulously designed living spaces that stand as beacons of modernity and luxury. As we look to the future, rest assured, our unwavering commitment to excellence remains unshaken.”

Directors of Adarsh Group, Mr. Nischay Jayeshankar, and Ms. Nidhi Jayashankar, added, “Today, as we celebrate this significant milestone of 35 years, we are extremely grateful for the unwavering support and
trust that our valued customers, dedicated team members, and esteemed business partners and associates have placed in Adarsh Group. It is a collective belief in our vision that has propelled us to this
remarkable point in our journey. We owe our success to everybody’s faith and partnership, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering excellence, innovation, and quality. As we look to the
future, we do so with deep gratitude and a renewed dedication to continue crafting exceptional living spaces that exceed expectations.”

The Brand Film, “35 Years of Creating Memories,” is directed by Mr. Abhinav Kamal, a renowned film director, producer, and screenwriter, acclaimed for his English-Kannada documentary which has earned the prestigious recognition as the second-best film at the Cannes International Aesthetic Film Festival in France. He added “I am thrilled to have been a part of ’35 Years of Creating Memories,’ of Adarsh Group”, this film shows the remarkable journey of Adarsh Group and its commitment to crafting spaces that transcend the ordinary. It has been an honour to contribute to this celebration of excellence and
the creation of lifelong memories.”