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Asian Paints’ ColourNext Launches the Colour of the Year, Terra, and its Forecast Stories—Soil, Into the Deep, Indofuturism and Goblin Mode

New Delhi, India Feb 20, 2024 18:13 IST

Every year, Asian Paints’ ColourNext Colour and Material Intelligence forecast—the only initiative of its kind in the subcontinent—develops a colour, material, finishes and textures forecast and announces Colour of the Year. This forecast is inspired by the cultural and social influences of the year and represents the Zeitgeist of its time.

Asian Paints announces Terra as the Asian Paints Colour of the Year for 2024

The Colour of the Year for 2024 is Terra, which has been chosen for its rich primal tones that bear a strong sense of grounding and belonging. Its nostalgic, ruddy hues weave a story of finding solace within chaos. The four accompanying forecast design directions for 2024 are Soil, Into the Deep, Indo Futurism and Goblin Mode.

Samsara unveiled as the Asian Paints Wallpaper of the Year for 2024

Speaking about ColourNext 2024, Mr. Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO, of Asian Paints Ltd. commented, “As we mark the 21st year of Asian Paints ColourNext, it remains a driving force in shaping the design and decor industry adding to the colour and material intelligence in a strong way. Each carefully curated trend not only tells stories, but also serves to inspire and influence the industry towards ideas based on socio economic changes and the design evolution around us. In 2024, with Terra as our Colour of the Year, we delve even deeper into the realm of authenticity and innovation. It’s more than just a shade, it’s a journey back to our roots, to our essence. Alongside this, we present four captivating trends—Soil, Into the Deep, Indo Futurism, and Goblin Mode—each narrating a unique story of rediscovery and originality. Through every trend, our goal is to spark creativity, foster connections, and evoke a sense of belonging. This year’s color and trend palette is, at its core, a celebration of individuality and introspection. ColourNext 2024 continues its legacy, inspiring creativity and setting the tone for a vibrant and dynamic design journey.”

For over two decades, the Asian Paints’ ColourNext forecast process has mapped consumer behaviour, consumption patterns, socio-cultural sentiments and lifestyle shifts. Working across several institutions, and with prominent figures and professionals in the industry, the team holds competitions, interviews and workshops which culminate into the colour forecast. This has evolved into the subcontinent’s most-awaited and one-of-its-kind intelligence in colour and material. The entire forecast is backed by the science of research tools and colour psychology and is put together based on comprehensive research by the country’s prominent tastemakers from the fields of architecture, art, interiors, fashion, sociology, media and FMCG. Each year, ColourNext grows its influence and manifestation, immensely contributing to and shaping the world of colour and design.

Terra emerges as the Colour of the Year amidst a growing desire for familiarity, comfort and emotional grounding in these ever-changing times. Resonating within our deepest memories, it takes us on a journey back to the truest versions of ourselves. It echoes the warmth of a homecoming, where familiarity grounds us in a sanctuary of emotional stability. In a world that often feels disconnected, Terra is the thread that stitches us back to the fabric of our being, a colour that quietly whispers the language of belonging.

Each of the accompanying forecast stories spell a narrative that connects with individuals differently.

Soil is a pathway to innovative design. Unassumingly seen as the earth beneath our feet once upon a time, it has evolved into a refined material that fuels curiosity and design experimentation. It stands as a testament to the exploration of materiality, where the granularity of soil has been reshaped into pioneering forms. Moving beyond its raw, handcrafted origins, soil has been transformed through human ingenuity into avant-garde structures with bold contemporary aesthetics. This evolution highlights soil as a versatile material, where it now takes on diverse, dynamic shapes, showcasing its adaptability. Blending meticulous craftsmanship with a futuristic vision, soil bridges its earthy origins with cutting-edge design, marking a pathway for rediscovery and innovation.

Into the Deep embraces the fantastical depths of oceanic marvels. The underwater realm, with its biomorphic forms and contrasting interplay of light, invokes both reflection and awe. Its delicate beauty—fragile and vulnerable to human intrusion—inspires mindful designs to reflect the ocean’s integral role in the planet’s ecosystem. Encouraging a design philosophy that mirrors the ocean’s dynamic yet delicate nature, we’re guided towards creating spaces and objects that resonate with the deep, serene essence of the marine world.

Indofuturism spells a retro-futuristic cultural tapestry of the country. The confluence of India’s rich cultural heritage and the fantastical realm of science fiction has shaped a vibrant visual language. This retro-futuristic aesthetic boldly marries the iconic elements of a nostalgic past with a technology-infused narrative. It is a celebration of our heritage forgoing external interpretations while embracing original pop-cultural contributions, and positioning India firmly on the world stage.

Goblin Mode is a joyful surrender to one’s authentic self. In response to an intense productivity culture and the endless chase for perfection, a new mindset is emerging. With a focus on detachment and restorative disengagement, this is a conscious step back from the ceaseless drive to project an impeccable image in every aspect of life. Representing liberation from the anxieties fuelled by social media and unrealistic societal standards, this approach inspires spaces that are sanctuaries of calm and authenticity.

The Wallpaper of the Year, Samsara is a mysterious and intense composure of textural terrain-like layered lines. With pigments obtained from mud, tea leaf and natural dyes, and crushed with gouache wash and metallic gold leaf, it echoes the profound and overflowing beauty of soil.

For Sabyasachi X Nilaya

About the range

The Paris-Calcutta collection takes inspiration from the city that has been Sabya’s eternal Muse – Calcutta, often called the Paris of the East. Like Paris, Calcutta celebrates a world of poets and revolutionaries, artists and rebels who embody the spirit of freedom and imagination. Unapologetically glamorous and unequivocally maximalist. With over 30 wallpapers and 120+ fabrics spanning four separate books, the collection ranges from large scale damasks to reinterpreted kilims and paisleys that embody Sabya’s unique take on the souks and exotic marketplaces of North Africa and Persia.

Sharing more insights about the collection Sabyasachi said, “Paris-Calcutta is a tale of two cities, both exuberant in spirit and abundant with art, thought, charm and glamour. One is the city that has consumed my imagination, the other is my home and eternal muse. From the Left Bank to the bylanes of Chowringhee, packed with poets, rebels and sophisticates. With hand painted motifs created by The Sabyasachi Art Foundation, this collection of wallpapers and fabrics co-created with Asian Paints brings together the sophisticated artistry and cultural decadence of these two cities.

Speaking about the collection, Mr. Amit Syngle, Managing Director and CEO, of Asian Paints Ltd. said, “I am really excited to present our fourth collection with the design genius Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Our association over the last ten years has been nothing short of magnificent and as India’s best-known designer, Sabyasachi really exceeds our expectations in terms of what he’s able to create, sublime eclecticism, an original eye and design instinct which is a class by itself. It is a great privilege for us to constantly collaborate to bring the finest offerings in wallcoverings and in furnishings to our discerning customers, both in India and across the world. With each collection, the offerings from Sabyasachi and Nilaya get more nuanced and more special. Over the last few years, we have looked at giving Sabya’s creations a certain depth through varied techniques, so we retain the rich and layered look of the master craftsman and bring out the exquisite beauty of his designs. We’re using substrates that are first of its kind in the business and are very excited to put Sabyasachi’s designs on them. All in all, I think PARIS TO CALCUTTA is an incredible collection which transports us to a world of beguiling beauty, luxury and splendour -revived through a masterful contemporary eye. We are very proud to showcase as Sabyasachi for Nilaya, Asian Paints.”