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Bid Your Price for Multiple Items ; Karnataka’s biggest digital auction to be held at LuLu Mall Bengaluru

‘ Nov 09, 2023 13:46 IST

Lulu Digex Auction ‘ will enable deal-hungry buyers to get their hands on the latest technology and sleek-looking designs in gadgets, home appliances, electronics, and home essentials just for rupee one.The auction can be available for many products, where the participants can bid for the items and get products at the price of their wish. This most exclusive auction fest begins at LuLu Mall in Bengaluru on Friday at 4 p.m. with its latest consumer tech products. Savvy shoppers are gearing up for an amazing opportunity to grab their favourite products with their own bid price. More than 15 products from the major brands will be available for bidding.
Drawing an impressive line-up of top brands from around the world and will be a magnet for shoppers, technology enthusiasts, and students alike who will take advantage of the numerous products. Leading retailers such as Toshiba, Bajaj, Karcher, Havells, Pigeon, Wonder Chef, Forbes, Vu, Apple etc. offer a stunning range of smartphones including IPhone 15 Pro Max, Laptops, tablets, LED TVs, Sound System, wearables and smart watches, digital cameras from world-class brands made available for auction. A wide range of the latest home kitchen appliances and home essential accessories was also ensured for the auction.