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Exclusive Table Extensions by Hafele

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Whether it’s a sprawling apartment or a plush studio flat, transformable furniture is fast becoming the de facto interior scheme for residential and commercial spaces. With different spheres of our lives integrating and the need for space optimization, there is an increasing desire for incorporating multi-functional spaces within the interiors which act as communal centers for family activities or office meetings or relaxation as and when the need arises.

Hafele brings to you an assortment of transformable furniture fittings that virtually multiply the space available and hence is named – Space2. The table extensions from this range readily create space in addition to your existing kitchen worktop, which serves multiple purposes in various scenarios throughout the day. Whether you need an extended breakfast table for your workspace or an extra spot in the kitchen to rest your laptop while completing minor chores – Hafele is here for you!

Here are the two exclusive table extensions by Hafele that can help add more usable space to your interiors:

Opla Top Pull-out Worktop Table Extension: Happiness is getting extra space on your existing table or countertop with a slight lift and fold. Extend your countertop space in kitchens with a small working area by means of Opla Top from Häfele’s Space2 Range of Transformable Furniture Fittings. It is an extendable table fitting that enables the tabletop to be pulled out of the drawer unit in a manner that it flushes with the kitchen or furniture worktop. This fitting can be used as a small table for breakfast or as an extension to the kitchen worktops in small kitchens and kitchenettes.

Opla Top Pull-out Worktop Table Extension

Lunch Pull-out Drawer Table Fitting: Optimal utilization of space is always desirable but creating additional space from what’s available has now become a necessity. The Lunch Extendable Table Fitting from Hafele’s Space2 Range is a space saving system that consists of a pull-out tabletop fitting stored in a space normally used for a drawer. This table fitting pulls out instantly by simply opening the hinged front of the drawer space. Created to cater to the needs of functionality in small spaces, Lunch is ideal for small kitchens and kitchenettes needing a tabletop for breakfast or simply as an extension of the worktop for preparing meals.

Lunch Pull-out Drawer Table Fitting

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