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Fire & Safety Awareness Campaign by LuLu Mall Bengaluru, in Collaboration with Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services Department

Bengaluru: Lulu mall Bengaluru has embarked on a fire and safety awareness campaign in association with Karnataka state fire and emergency services department. With and aim of training its employees and public to rapidly respond to emergency situations and firefighting, also educate them with fire safety practices and preventive measures.

The program held at Lulu mall Rajajinagar, R. Mahesh CFO, KV. Manjunadh, RFO, Kishore Kumar, RFO, Ganesh Vernekar, DFO, Pradeep GC, DFO, Ravi DFO, Ravenna Siddappa, DFO, from the Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services Department lead the awareness program

Major focus of the program is to provide

Fire Safety Awareness-The demo began with a presentation on fire prevention and awareness. The officers emphasized the importance of having a fire action plan in place and conducting regular fire drills. They highlighted the importance of having a working smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in homes, offices, and public spaces. The officers also emphasized the importance of knowing the nearest emergency exits and ensuring that they are unobstructed and accessible.

Firefighting Equipment Demonstration-The officers demonstrated the use of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers, hoses, and breathing apparatus. They explained the proper technique and procedure for handling fire extinguishers, including the correct aiming and squeezing techniques. The officers also demonstrated the use of hoses and nozzles to control and extinguish fires.

Evacuation Drills-The demo also included evacuation drills, simulating a fire situation in the mall. The officers guided the spectators through the evacuation routes, ensuring that everyone knew the correct way to exit. They also emphasized the importance of practicing evacuation drills regularly and ensuring that all individuals are aware of their roles and responsibilities during an emergency.

The fire and safety demonstration at Lulu Mall was a successful event. The officers from the Karnataka Fire and Emergency Services provided valuable information regarding the prevention and management of fires. The demonstrations were informative and engaging, highlighting the crucial importance of fire safety awareness. By educating the public about fire safety practices, such demonstrations play a vital role in reducing the number of fires and saving lives.