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Home Decor Brand Nestasia launches first store in Bangalore.

Bangalore, Karnataka – November 21st, 2023 PHOTOS AND VIDEO BY PK ANANTH KUMAR

Nestasia has opened its first-ever store in Bangalore in the bustling Bellandur area. This outlet is a significant milestone in Nestasia’s retail journey and represents the brand’s dedication to expanding its physical presence. This is the second store nationwide, marking a momentous achievement for the brand

Nestasia- one of India’s fastest-growing home décor and lifestyle brands. Founded by the dynamic duo Aditi Murarka and Anurag Agrawal, Nestasia is committed to offering a design-led experience with diverse products catering to modern and traditional households. The brand is known for its global contemporary aesthetic, and with new launches every fortnight, Nestasia continues to redefine home décor.

The store’s design draws inspiration from a global contemporary design aesthetic curated by the founders and creative directors at Nestasia. Crafted with precision, the space features a neutral white colour palette with gold accents, creating a soothing canvas for the products and a serene atmosphere for customers. The minimal floor plan, sculptural display units, and arch-infused gondolas seamlessly blend refined elegance with moderate minimalism, allowing the products to take centre stage.

Adding another layer of character to the place are the oakwood tables that complement the white and gold scheme. The store is a celebration of form and functionality, where every product is meticulously designed to balance quality, utility, and beauty – the three integral pillars of Nestasia’s QUB (Quality, Utility & Beauty) model.

Reflecting on Nestasia’s journey, Aditi Murarka, Co-Founder, Nestasia said, “At Nestasia we aspire to make home special. Our goal is to bring to life trending and topical designs that create a vibe. We understand that beautiful products at home should also serve a purpose, and we’ve struck a balance between form and functionality. With the omni-channel approach, we now open our doors in Bangalore, a celebration of home decor, tableware, and everything home to upgrade and Make Home Special. We believe in the power of design to inspire and connect with our shoppers, and this store marks another step towards that vision.”

Shedding light on the brand’s expansion into the offline retail space, she added, “The early trends from the offline foray have been very positive. Nestasia has seen over 80% conversion rate from walk-in customers, and the average Order Value offline is 30% higher than the similar metric seen in online orders. The offline stores sport a modern, contemporary and minimal design which enables the products to be the standout feature. Although the current stores are between 600-1000 square feet of carpet area, the brand is exploring larger format stores in the future. By the end of 2024, the target is to have 20% of revenue coming from offline stores. Nestasia ended FY22 with net revenue of Rs 21.8 crore and will be EBITDA positive in FY24.”

The Bangalore store launch is also set to offer an exclusive preview of its Christmas collection at the Bangalore store, welcoming the holiday cheer. The collection, in sync with the holiday spirit, features products that cover all your holiday essentials, from themed mugs, picture frames, decor items, Christmas wreaths, unique Christmas ornaments, colourful holiday cushion covers, throw blankets and other holiday paraphernalia.

Over the years and moving forward, Nestasia envisions a future where every home becomes a place of personal expression and pride, and this store is a testament to that commitment.