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UNBOXING BLR HABBA Experience Bengaluru

Celebration of “BLR Festival” in association with Brihat Bangalore Mahanagara Corporation:

Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath instructed the officials to provide all kinds of cooperation in the respective zones of the Corporation for the “Bangalore Festival” in the month of December-2023 on behalf of Unboxing Bangalore Foundation across the city of Bangalore.

Addressing the virtual meeting held today at the Chief Commissioner’s office regarding the corporation’s cooperation in the celebration of Bangalore festival, he said that in order to increase the dignity of the government and the brand of Bangalore, the Bengaluru festival is being celebrated in the month of December, and the corporation should give the required cooperation.In this regard, respective zonal commissioners and zonal joint commissioners instructed to take appropriate measures and provide necessary cooperation.

Bangalore Festival 2024 onwards, festivals will be celebrated according to respective ruthu.Important places for Bangalore festival, junctions, flyovers, parks, markets should be identified and cleanliness should be carried out at these places. He also suggested to arrange electric lighting on heritage buildings and important government offices.

Mr.Ravichander, director of Bangalore festival, said that Unboxing BLR festival is being celebrated from December 1 to 11 by Unboxing Bangalore Foundation, and it is divided into 12 categories and 45 styles are being celebrated.

Scenes related to celebrating Bangalore festival will be shot. Citizens can get complete details about the celebration of the Bangalore festival on the website and register.

Open Street Fair:

A two-day Open Street Mela will be organized on 9th and 10th of December on selected 6 major roads in the city, where attractive activities will be organized to attract citizens including cheap market stalls, street artists decorating, bunting and lighting.

The Big Feed Festival:

He said that the Big Feed Festival will be held from December 9 to 10 at the Bangalore Palace Grounds and food stalls, music programs, market stalls and other entertainment programs will be organized at the said place for two days.

All Zonal Commissioners, Zonal Joint Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners (Administration) and other officials were present in the meeting.