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In Its First-Ever Festive Campaign #MorteinKiRakshaJyoti, Mortein Welcomes Goddess Lakshmi with Open Doors and Windows, with Protection from Mosquitoes

New Delhi,  India:  Mortein, one of the world’s leading pest control brands, released its first-ever festive campaign #MorteinKiRakshaJyoti, encouraging Indian families to partake in the delightful celebration and traditions of Diwali, with Mortein’s protection. During Diwali, a treasured tradition involves keeping doors and windows open to warmly welcome the presence of Goddess Lakshmi. The campaign serves as a reminder to use Mortein Liquid Vaporizers during the festive season, symbolizing it as the “Raksha Jyoti,” safeguarding against disease-carrying mosquitoes.

There are several rituals and traditions followed in every Indian household during Diwali. From lighting diyas and candles around the house to wearing the finest traditional clothes to Lakshmi pooja followed ­by family feasting together and exchanging gifts, every custom is celebrated with the utmost consideration and respect. This touching campaign highlights how Mortein provides protection for family members, enabling them to embrace and celebrate every auspicious ritual of the festival without the worry of mosquitoes.

Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Hygiene, Reckitt said, “Mortein, a trusted shield in countless Indian homes, stands unwavering in its commitment to protect against mosquitoes. Introducing the groundbreaking festive initiative, #MorteinKiRakshaJyoti, the brand, ignites the spirit of Diwali, urging people to celebrate every tradition with fervor. Emphasizing the sacred act of opening doors and windows to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the campaign resonates with a powerful call to activate Mortein Liquid Vaporizers during the festive season and on Diwali—an unyielding shield providing protection for all.”

Conceptualized by Havas Worldwide India, the campaign film beautifully showcases a conversation between a mother and her son on Diwali where the son questions his mother on opening the doors and windows on Diwali. While she explains to him the ritual, he immediately gets his bow and arrow as a symbol to fight the mosquitoes that will enter his home through the open windows and doors. The mother then goes on to tell him that #MorteinKiRakshaJyoti will provide protection from the mosquitoes encapsulating the thought of the campaign in a few words – ‘Samriddhi aaye Ghar, bina kisi dar’.

Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Worldwide India said, “Mortein’s enduring mission has been safeguarding Indian households against the perils of dengue and malaria. While Diwali symbolizes welcoming Goddess Lakshmi into your home, by opening your doors and windows, it inadvertently invites the menace of deadly mosquitoes to your family and yourself. Hence, we introduced the “Raksha Jyoti” initiative, leveraging the power of compelling storytelling to gently prompt people across India to switch on their Mortein LVs on the day of Diwali. This way, they can preserve their cherished traditions without compromising on their safety from mosquitoes.”

Creative Agency Credits

Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer
Tarun Jha, Chief Executive Officer
Anirban Mozumdar, Chief Strategy Officer

Jaibeer Ahmad, Managing Partner – North
Avinash Chandra, Vice President
Annie Joshi, Associate Account Director

Rohit Raj, Senior Creative Director
Kokila Srivastava, Copy Supervisor

Mohini Varma, Executive Vice President and Planning Head – North
Anuraag Srivastava, Vice President – Strategy

Aatur Sharma, Agency Lead – Films and Production

Production house: The Film Folks
Director: Pooja Khemani