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Infinity Learn’ launches its magnum opus IL VISTA in Bengaluru.

Bangalore, India : Oct 12, 2023–photos by P.K.Ananth Kumar

Taking a pioneering step in the realm of education built on new age tech platform, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, fresh off its announcement of joining the 100cr club and achieving profitability, proudly unveils its magnum opus: IL VISTA: Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics. This landmark initiative is underpinned by an impressive investment of close to a million dollars, with an anticipated commitment of an additional 4-5 million dollars set aside for its upcoming phases.

IL VISTA is a ground-breaking tech initiative in the world of education. The Virtual Intelligent System for Tailored Academics, aims at leveraging the full potential of AI, to resolve the challenges faced by educators and learners alike. The vision is brought to life for the users through unified mobile and web applications in the form of various tools, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is always at their fingertips.

Our Unique and innovative approach to conversational AI-enabled scaffolding is the core of VISTA’s commitment to a personalized approach towards learning. Traditionally, a teacher caters to learners guiding them with hints to develop the right approach until they are independent to resolve the questions on their own. In VISTA’s world, scaffolding is taken up by Doubts AI, a new-age ally of educators with traditional values. It will comprehend and steer the student’s learning, guiding them step-by-step, in a way that they grasp the concept and not just the answer.

However, the learning curve of a learner is incomplete without assessments- a “process of gathering data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of student’s learning. IL VISTA’s Assessment for Learning seeks to transform the inputs and feedback that educators provide to learners during evaluation. This will primarily empower educators, if every student’s learning is assessed not by weary human eyes, but through efficient and unbiased AI.

The current trend in edtech shows that learners in today’s time and age watch videos to learn the concepts. The Check for Understanding (CFU) amplifies student’s learning from the videos. The tool enables guided learning through a series of checkpoints in the videos, where a question pops up to improve a student’s focus and check their understanding.

Recognizing the pivotal role of educators, VISTA’s Teacher Assistant is tailored to be every educator’s digital confidant. The aim is toEmpowering Educators for Tomorrow’, from conceptualizing lesson plans to pinpointing resources and gleaning pedagogical insights, this tool ensures educators are armed with the finest digital arsenal, recalibrating their teaching strategies for a new era.

“Ever since I began my educational journey, my goal has always been to uplift and provide the best learning experiences. It’s truly amazing to see our dreams come to life, where technology is like a friendly guide, making teaching easier for educators and learning more fun for students. As I think about what’s next, I’m filled with so much excitement. I imagine a future where countless teachers feel supported and countless students benefit from our latest offering, VISTA by Infinity Learn. This launch is our big step into creating that brighter, more inclusive world of learning for everyone..” Said Ms Sushma Bopanna, Academic Director of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions and Founder Director/infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

Ujjwal Singh, the Founding CEO of Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, further elaborated, “Beneath the surface of IL VISTA lies a powerful AI engine, diligently analysing every interaction, every query, and every feedback from learners and educators. This isn’t just about streamlining the learning process but elevating the entire educational ecosystem. While our journey with AI in education has only just begun, the initial pilot of VISTA has shown immense promise. As we continue to innovate and refine our approach, I am confident we’re on the cusp of delivering a mature product that will redefine the educational landscape. The early results have already sparked excitement and anticipation, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the leaps we’ll make in the coming days.”.”

The Road Ahead – As Infinity Learn embarks on this monumental journey with IL VISTA – vertical AI for Education, it signals the commencement of a new chapter and the dawning of an era where education and technology converge to create unparalleled learning vistas.