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Berger Priyo Pujo gets a digital makeover in its 11th edition

Kolkata, 12th October 2023:

Actor Anirban Bhattacharya is set to be a part of Berger Priyo Pujo 2023

Berger Paints’ most loved campaign of all times, Berger Priyo Pujo gets a digital makeover in its eleventh year of celebrations. Started in the year 2012, Berger Priyo Pujo has become an integral part of Durga Pujo, over the years. This festive-special campaign has been known for identifying the Top 10 Durga Pujos across West Bengal, through public voting. However, the eleventh edition of Berger Priyo Pujo will only focus on Kolkata and will therefore explore the City of Joy to select the Top 10 pujos. For the last 10 years, the brand had undertaken the offline route in terms of voting, however, this year, they introduced digital voting for the first time where voters can register their votes through digital platforms like WhatsApp as well as through their websites etc. It has been a constant endeavour of Berger Priyo Pujo, to revive the dwindling artform of Alpona making and the dance-form Dhunuchi Naach amongst younger audiences and encourage them to participate more in such lost cultures of Bengali Pujo celebration. From infusing Dhunuchi Naach with modern dance forms to creating larger-than-life sized Alponas, the brand is constantly trying to keep these traditions alive by giving them a contemporary touch.

Every inch of this festive-special campaign is planned in a manner that it connects the common people to the festival firmly. With years passing by, the ways of celebrating the festival have undergone enormous changes, however the enthusiasm remains the same. From elder folks to their contemporaries, everyone eagerly awaits the homecoming of Goddess Durga and the celebration that follows. There’s a strong emotional connect which binds the City of Joy together especially during this festival. The entire city decks up in the brightest hues to celebrate the auspicious festival of Durga Pujo. From kilometre-long alponas to the introduction of innovative dance-forms by fusing them with the traditional dance form called Dhunuchi Naach, Berger Priyo Pujo covers it all and beyond. The innovation in celebration which the festival has witnessed over the years can be tracked through the campaign, as it clearly projects everything that Durga Pujo stands for.

The brand conceptualized two key contests which firmly hold the true essence of Durga Pujo – Dhunuchi Naach Contest and Alpona Contest. Both these contests are an earnest attempt made by Berger Paints to connect the contemporary folks to the traditional ways of Durga Pujo celebrations. The art of Alpona making came into picture, ages ago and ever since it has become an integral part of every celebration. Through this contest Berger Paints will recognize and felicitate some of the best alponas of the city. On the other hand the Dhunuchi Naach contest will showcase some innovate blends of the traditional dance form with some modern ones.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar is set to be a part of Berger Priyo Pujo 2023

The brand roped in several popular celebrities from the Bengali film fraternity to promote the digital transformation which the 11th edition of Berger Priyo Pujo has undergone. Digital voting has made the campaign way more accessible to all and therefore has intrigued the common people in it like never before. Every leg of this campaign promotes the concept of inclusivity. To make it even more special, celebrities will be visiting few of the selected pujos from the Top 10 pujos of this year.

Berger Paints, as a brand has always ensured that its offerings cater to every stratum of the social pyramid and their vision remains the same when it comes to Berger Priyo Pujo. The campaign doesn’t limit itself to shortlisting the Top 10 pujos or organizing exciting contests, it also ensures that it spreads the festive fervour amongst the lesser privileged ones so that they also get to enjoy the festivities. While last year, the brand conceptualized a special initiative called “Bhinyo Chokhe Onyo Pujo” with the intent to foster inclusivity, this year the brand has planned to extend thoughtful gifts to the children living in orphanages and the elderlies at old-age homes and arranging a sumptuous day’s meal for them. To add colour to their festivities, Berger Paints will also paint the walls of these orphanages and old-age homes.

Mr. Abhijit Roy, MD & CEO of Berger Paints India Limited said, “With Berger Priyo Pujo, our aim has always been to introduce some fun activities and ideate innovative concepts which would eventually bind everyone together and thereby make it a Shubho Sharodiya for all. With every passing year, we have witnessed the celebrations undergoing a wave of changes, however the happiness quotient has remained intact. In the 11th edition of Berger Priyo Pujo we decided to take it even closer to the people by introducing the concept of digital voting. The idea of Berger Priyo Pujo was conceived with the thought of making it a campaign that is solely driven by the common people. Through the introduction of digital voting, we have been able to create a close-knit community who can now easily participate in this campaign and make their choice count. We have witnessed the impact through the rise in the participation numbers post the digital voting lines going live.”