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LULU LAUNCHES SEAFOOD FEST AT BENGALURU Offers multiple varieties of fish and seafood from around the world


With the health-giving properties and heart-healthy values of a seafood-rich diet well-known, LuLu Bengaluru hosts Seafood Fest with the best catch of fishing fleets around the world. The festival showcases a range of offers on fresh fish and exotic seafood delights from different regions of the globe.

Mnakal S. Vaidya, Fisheries Minister, Karnataka, inaugurated LuLu Seafood Fest during a grand function held at LuLu Hypermarket, Rajajinagar. The seafood festival will run until February 11 at LuLu Hypermarket in Rajajinagar and LuLu Daily on Kanakapura Road.

The wide variety of fish is being sold in their prime quality and prepared for customers by the expert fishmongers at LuLu, who will cut, clean, and de-bone them for you if required. The fish include tuna, salmon, parrot fish, shrimp, kingfish, prawns, fresh crab, cuttlefish, tilapia, white pomfret, and many other varieties. There is also a special section for fish steaks.

” LuLu is the biggest promoter of fish products from the state of Karnataka, and this festival offers big support to the local fisheries industry. The multiple varieties of fish collections and seafood delights are absolutely amazing,” Fisheries Minister Mankal S. Vaidya said at the occasion.Apart from featuring the fresh catch, seafood aficionados can indulge their taste buds with a host of readily prepared fish delicacies, including seafood biryani, special fish biriyani, seafood noodles, prawns ghee roast, charcoal-grilled fish, fish ‘n’ chips, roasted whole fish, Malaysian shrimp salad, Szechuan seafood fried rice, Thalassery Konchu biriyani, Aleppy Fish Curry, Fish Moilee, Tandoori Prawns, Fish Tikka, and more. Also served are delicious fish dishes at the bakery, including fish rolls, fish masala bread toast, prawn masala bread toast, fish buns, and much more.