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LULU LAUNCHES SEAFOOD FEST AT BENGALURU Offers multiple varieties of fish and seafood from around the world Bengaluru: With the health-giving properties and heart-healthy values of a seafood-rich diet well-known, LuLu Bengaluru hosts Seafood Fest with the best catch of fishing fleets around the world. The festival showcases a range of offers on fresh fish and exotic seafood delights from different regions of the globe. Mnakal S. Vaidya, Fisheries Minister, Karnataka, inaugurated LuLu Seafood Fest during a grand function held at LuLu Hypermarket, Rajajinagar. The seafood festival will run until February 11 at LuLu Hypermarket in Rajajinagar and LuLu Daily on Kanakapura Road. The wide variety of fish is being sold in their prime quality and prepared for customers by the...