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LuLu Mango Fest Begins at Bengaluru; showcases over 95 varieties of Mangoes

Actress Sharanya Shetty inaugurated the LuLu Mango Fest

Bengaluru :

Lulu Hypermarket Bengaluru has launched the ‘Mango Fest’, a delectable occasion for mango lovers from every corner of the State to unite and revel in the succulent glory of this juicy golden fruit. The festival is an attraction for both locals and wide varieties from around the nation alike to indulge in the flavours of the best mangoes.

The LuLu Mango Fest, which was inaugurated by Sandalwood actress Sharanya Shetty, expressed her sincere appreciation to Lulu for curating a selection of over 95 distinct varieties of mangoes, including Ratnagiri Alphonso, Priyoor, Imam pasandh, Alphonso Moovandan, Kesar, Sindhura, Rumani, Malgova, Chakkaragundu, Kalappadi, Neelam, Dasheri and many more, emphasizing the agricultural prowess of Karnataka.

Be it just a juicy slice, blended into a refreshing smoothie, or incorporated into decadent mouth-watering desserts, the ‘LuLu Mango Fest’ is the perfect opportunity for customers to relish some of the special mango treats in the hot food, bakery, sweets, and pickles section. Special mango delicacies, pickled mangoes, mango preserves, mango flavour cakes, smoothies, pulps, juices, jellies, and jams will also be available during the promotion. Besides fresh mangoes, there will also be promotions galore and treats in the LuLu ‘hot food and deli section’ with freshly prepared dishes. The festival, exhibiting a wide range of mango-based products, Lulu emphasized the health benefits and taste of local mangoes, celebrating the success of local farmers.