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Vygon Spearheads Neonatal Safety in India with Groundbreaking Nutrisafe2 System

First company in the country to launch the enhanced neonatal feeding system,
to tackle NICU tubing misconnections

Bengaluru, March 15, 2024 – In an innovative leap forward, Vygon, a frontrunner in the manufacturing and distribution of specialized medical devices, unveiled Nutrisafe2. This cutting-edge enteral feeding system, meticulously designed for neonates, ensures feeding precision and safety in NICU. With its launch, Vygon addresses the critical challenge of tubing misconnections, a prevalent risk in neonatal care that leads to adverse events, including fatalities.

Neonates within healthcare settings receive medication and other therapies through a variety of tubes and catheters.The connectors of these different delivery systems are often compatible and can be connected to each other. Adverse events, and even deaths, have occurred when medicines, liquid feeding formulas or air have been accidentally delivered through the wrong tube. These errors are called tubing misconnections.

Speaking during the launch, Mr. Pavan Choudary, Managing Director of Vygon India, said, “Misconnections in enteral nutrition has been a crucial concern internationally. 40% of all misconnections are attributed to enteral clinical area, and the consequences are often serious and sometimes fatal. The launch of Nutrisafe2 is another testimony to Vygon’s commitments to designing products that ensure that nothing unexpected harms patients beyond their illness.”

The launch event of Nutrisafe 2 was graced by Dr Prashanth Gowda, Head of the Department of Neonatology and Paediatrics, Motherhood Hospital & President NNF, Karnataka chapter and Dr L.H. Bidari, Chairman Ashwini Institute of Child Health & Research Centre, Bijapur.
Welcoming the product Dr Prashanth Gowda said, “It is a simple solution for a grave problem. Nutrisafe2 will help eliminate human error in neonatal feeding.”

Dr Bidari underscored the even greater necessity of this product in remote areas where the availability of trained nursing staff is limited. In conclusion he added, “This product will safeguard the baby, the staff and the hospital.”
The device’s launch comes in response to this critical healthcare issue, underscored by a 2014 Sentinel Event Alert from The Joint Commission. The alert shed light on the severe consequences of tubing misconnections, including enteral feeding solutions mistakenly introduced into IV lines, leading to several reported fatalities. Nutrisafe2 emerges as an effective safeguard against such risks, engineered specially for neonates to ensure safety in neonatal enteral feeding.With Vygon’s global leadership in neonatology and robust presence in India, Nutrisafe2 is set to redefine standards of care in neonatal units across the country.

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