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Citizens and students of the city participate in the “Denghi Warrior” competition:

Bengaluru, 5th July 2024

To control the rising cases of dengue in the city, the health department of the corporation has invited citizens and students to participate in the “Denghi Warrior” competition.

This innovative initiative has been taken to help citizens and students join hands with the corporation’s health department to fight against dengue. Asha workers, ANMs visit houses in respective zones and create awareness among the citizens about dengue control. Health officers are still visiting schools to create awareness among students about dengue control. The corporation has taken several precautionary measures to control dengue. Make short films about what measures citizens or students have taken in their homes (@nammahomes) to control dengue, how others have been made aware and share the video on social media. Upload and tag the special commissioner of the corporation’s health department’s social media Facebook and Twitter account (@BBMPSplHealth). In addition to this, citizens and students should upload videos by scanning this link or QR code.

While uploading video on social network and link/Q.R code, name, phone number, ward, location should be mentioned if citizen. In case of students, the name, phone number, which class, which school and location should be uploaded.

By July 25th, the opportunity to upload the video is:

5 students who have made the best video on controlling dengue will be awarded the numbers “Dengue Warrior”. Also, uploading on social networking sites has been allowed till July 25. Suralkar Vikas Kishore, Special Commissioner of Health Department, has informed that the 5 videos which have received the most likes among the uploaded videos and the schools which have the most Dengue Warriors will be selected and awarded.