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‘Namma Raste’: An Exhibition and Convening Aimed at Creating Safer Streets



Bengaluru, December 8:

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) inpartnership with WRI
India as knowledge partner, under the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for
Global Road Safety is hosting ‘Namma Raste’ (Our Streets), two day exhibition
and convening on December 8th and 9th 2023 at Dr Rajkumar Glass house.
This initiative facilitate discussions towards cocreating solutions to make
Bengaluru’s streets safer, inclusive and resilient. ‘Namma Raste’ will bring
together the administration, civil society groups and academic institutions to
showcase innovative, humancentric street designs. It will also include training
sessions with engineers.
“Namma Raste perfectly aligns vision for Brand Bengaluru. We want to
create pedestrian-friendly streets, dedicated cycling lanes and green spaces to
encourage active transportation and promote healthier lifestyles in Bengaluru.”
The initiative is looking at active participation from citizens, civic groups,
designers, academic institutions to share their experiences and best practices
create safer streets.
With the rapid expansion of the metro network, suburban rail, and the
bus fleet currently underway, Bengaluru is at a critical juncture. The success of
these endeavors hinges entirely onthe planning, design, and execution of
connected transport systems and pedestrian infrastructure that allow people to
seamlessly and safely shift from one mode of transport to another.
Earlier this year, BBMP launched Suraksha 75 Mission 2023, which aims
to create people centric junction designs, making them safer, efficient, inclusive
and universally accessible