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Payment of property tax; OTS allowed only till July 31: DCM D.K. Shivakumar

Bangalore, Jr. 11

“One time settlement (OTS) facility given by Bengaluru Mahanagara Corporation for non-payment of property tax will be available only till July 31. Therefore, tax arrears should make use of this opportunity before the last date,” said DCM D.K. Shivakumar said.

“The corporation did not put pressure on the issue of tax payment because the elections were going on. The one-time settlement opportunity given by the Corporation to come under the tax ambit for non-payers of property tax will be finalized on July 31. None of this opportunity It does not expand because of that. In this opportunity, 50% exemption has been given on the penalty and 100% interest waiver has also been given. Act implemented by BJP government in haste. Our government is trying to fix this. Citizens should make proper use of this opportunity.

20 lakh buildings are under property tax and many are outside. They are also allowed to pay taxes. If they provide the appropriate document within 90 days after paying the tax, they will be given the appropriate account. Another 4 lakh people have not paid property tax.

Already 50 thousand people have paid property tax using this opportunity. If the tax is not paid from August 1, they will be added to the defaulter list. So pay the property tax by 31st July. According to the current calculation, the tax should have been collected as much as 5200 crores. But we have collected only 1300 crores.

Digitization of asset records complete in three months:

Digitization of 20 lakh property records is being done. The documents will be delivered to the doorsteps of these property owners. Out of 20 lakh properties, 8 lakh property records have been digitized and we have decided to digitize the remaining property records in the next three months.

The World Environment Day program was to be held on June 5. The Code of Conduct was not to be done in the background. Therefore, a program has been organized on June 14 at Bala Bhavan. Public can participate.

Bangalore was ranked in the C40 category globally in terms of climate variability. BBMP had unveiled the first Climate Action Plan on November 27 last year.

Blue Green Town Campaign:

To keep our city green, a campaign called Blue Green Uru has been started and preparations have been made to plant more trees. Besides this, a Climate Action Cell has also been formed, which includes all departments including BWSS B, BESCOM, BMTC, BTP, BMR CL, DELT, Solid Waste Management, Pollution Control Board, Forest, Industries, Mining. Complete information about this is available on the BBMP website.

Target to plant 2 lakh saplings through Green Guard:

Also, last year we had unveiled the green guard program. This was a program where school children planted plants in their area and raised them themselves. Already 52 thousand saplings have been planted in collaboration with 250 schools. Out of this percentage 80 percent of the plants survived. 20% will be planted as replacement.

The schools have entered into an agreement with the corporation and a mobile application has been prepared to check whether these plants are growing healthy. As part of this programme, the target is to plant 2 lakh saplings this year by including more schools. I appeal to all educational institution heads, teachers and children to plant three or four trees and help them maintain greenery.

BBMP has invited tenders for zone-wise tree census. Action has already been taken for the proper growth of 94 thousand trees in Vidyapeeth, Kattariguppe wards of Bommanahalli zone.

Now through Mepathon program, we have decided to identify the places where there is opportunity to plant saplings. This trial process has been conducted in Bommanahalli zone and public can also help in this matter

In view of the falling ground water level in the city, the Corporation has taken steps to protect the wells in the city. Wherever there are open wells in the city, information will be obtained and they will be developed. 7 thousand tube wells were dry in the city. We have decided to fill the lakes with treated water to revive them.

The park is open from 5 AM to 10 AM

Now the corporation-run parks in the city are opening only at certain times. The public requested that the parks should be opened even in the afternoon, so it has been decided to open all the parks in the city from 5 am to 10 pm. Cubbon Park is under Horticulture Department and this time is not applicable here.

Police patrols and marshals will be deployed to control illegal activities in the parks. In addition to this, you can call the company’s phone number 22660000, 22221188 and complain.  Information can be given through WhatsApp to 9480685700.