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SECOND EDITION- Bengaluru Gold Festival-from 15th OCT-30 NOV 2023

October 14, 2023

Photo and Video By…P.K.Ananth Kumar

The 2nd Bengaluru Gold Festival (BGF), scheduled to take place from October 15th, 2023, to November 30th, 2023, promises to be a celebration of Bengaluru’s rich heritage in gold craftsmanship and manufacturing. Organized by The Jewellers Association, Bengaluru, this event aims to expand the city’s identity by showcasing its historical significance in the realm of gold. Bengaluru, often referred to as the “Garden City” and “Health City,” is set to shine as the “Golden City.”

Government of Karnataka has agreed to lend tourism logo to the festival , to attract tourist across globe to the festival ,and  also add feather to ‘Brand Bengaluru “initiative of the government and we want to thank Mr.H.K Patil,Minister of Law and tourism Government of karnatka and Mr T.A.Sarvana –MLC- Janatadal secular party.says release.

The festival’s primary goal is to attract not only tourists from across India but also from around the world, similar to the Dubai Shopping Festival, thus highlighting the city’s diverse offerings and promoting tourism. Visitors to the festival will have the unique opportunity to witness the artistry of local craftsmen and artisans, fostering cultural pride and heritage appreciation. The festival will bring additional revenue to exchequer which government will flow back for the development of trade.

Furthermore, this event can potentially lead to increased tax revenues for the government. The influx of tourists attending the festival is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy through jewelry purchases, accommodation, transportation, dining, and various other services. Additionally, the festival’s prominence may attract investors and entrepreneurs to explore opportunities within the city, promoting economic growth and development.

On a micro-level, The Jewellers Association’s initiative aims to educate millennials about the importance of investing in precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds, under the motto, “Save in gold, gold will save you.” This initiative seeks to encourage responsible investments in assets that not only retain their value but also serve as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven during crises, as demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renowned actor, director, and motivational speaker, Mr. Ramesh Aravind, serves as the brand ambassador for the 2nd Bengaluru Gold Festival, delivering a compelling message on the benefits of investing in precious metals. His presence adds significant value to the festival and conveys the right message to the public.

The festival’s game-changing aspect is the participation of over 150 jewellers from Bengaluru and tier II cities like Tumkur, Hassan, and Shimoga. Extending the festival to rural areas facilitates gold investment for a broader population, emphasizing its importance and safety.

During the festival, customers purchasing jewelry will receive digital coupons, allowing them to participate in four weekly draws and one bumper draw. The bumper prize includes 1 kg of gold, 5 kg of silver, and 1.5 kg gold  40 kg silver in 4(Four )weekly draw and a Hyundai I10 Nios car, with the total value of prizes approximating Rs 2 crores.